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As a half term of the conference, all of us will have one day bus tour on 16th October for a refreshment. Departing at Haitopia, our buses will go to highlands of the South and the North parts of Iga-City. At the South highland of Aoyama area, we will visit the herb garden breeded by a cosmetic company. The herbs are used not ony for cosmetics but also for the ingredients of the complex of hotel, restaurant and store where we will have a choice of lunch among restaurents of French style, Soba, Ramen and Pizza.
At the North highland of Koka-City, we will visit the MIHO MUSEUM that allows us to meet the world masterpieces in arts and crafts as well as a dramatic architectural environment maximizing our emotions.
1, 2
9:00 >> 10:00 MIHO MUSEUM 11:30 >> 13:00 Menard Aoyama Resort 14:30 >> 14:45 Herb Garden 15:15 >> 16:30 Bus
1, 2
  Haitopia         Haitopia  
3, 4
16:30 << 15:30 MIHO MUSEUM 14:00 << 12:30 Menard Aoyama Resort 11:00 << 10:30 Herb Garden 10:00 << 9:00 Bus
3, 4
To avoid a jam during the lunch time, we are going with two groups. The buses 1 and 2 will start in a direction opposite to the buses 3 and 4 and arrive in different lunch time.
Selection of lunch is flexible. You will have special tickets of 500 yen x 5 payable for a variety of lunches, shopping and spa, and the surplus are self-preserving.
Places for a rest after the lunch include hotel lobby, benches on the wood terrace and a large natural spa at the ground floor of the hotel.
Facility Menue/Type Rate (JPY) Capacity Note
Restaurant   French cooking 2500 70   Double shift is possible. Reservation needed.
  Soba (Japanese noodle) 800-1450 38   Beer 700, Sake 700-
  Ramen 800-1100 46   Beer 700
  Pizza and Spaghetti 600-1350 48   Beer 700, wine 700-
Wood terrace   Bakery unknown -   Outdoor
  Cosmetics shop unknown -
  Cafe (buy at the Pizza shop) 350-700  
  Bench - 44
Hotel   Lobby - 50    
  Spa 1250 per person 40   Towels and Shampoo etc included (Completely M/F separated)